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Conservation: Welcome
Conservation: Welcome


Durham Bird Club's conservation team works closely with key committee members, governmental and non-governmental organisations to conserve and improve the status of birds in the old vice county of Durham.


In addition, we consult regularly with private consultancies and supply biological data for a nominal fee. Money received goes towards the DBC conservation fund.

Our voluntary group The Shovelers carries out community and public liaison – working with other voluntary groups, publicising the club at events, and important practical habitat work across the county, especially on Castle Lake nature reserve.

The role of the conservation team is:

  • Respond to ecological and environmental consultant requests for ornithological research and data;

  • Support the project and survey groups;

  • Liaison and advocacy work;

  • Co-ordination of volunteers;

  • Advice and support to landowners, governmental and NGO environmental organisations;

  • Features and articles for the Club Bulletin;

  • Conservation grant scheme;

  • Networking;

  • Guided walks programme;

  • Supporting the Durham Upland Bird Study Group;

  • Supporting the DBAP;

  • Supporting Castle Lake Conservation Group;

  • School and education support;

  • Nest Box Schemes;

  • Management of the clubs voluntary group The Shovelers;

  • Work with and support and advice to local voluntary and community groups.

If you are interested in getting involved please ring John Olley on 07393913695.

Shovelers ready for action.

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