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Projects & Surveys Group

Given the level of enthusiasm leading up to the 2017 Migration Watch Event, the reconvening of the DBC Projects and Surveys Group felt perfectly timed. Once the heart of the bird club, Projects and Surveys Group events had fallen from the forefront of the club’s agenda in recent years; however, with keen interest to engage members and hone fieldcraft, the group has re-emerged with fresh ideas (and some fresh faces).

There is already work ongoing within the group to organise dedicated species surveys, targeting species, such as, Willow Tit Jack Snipe, and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker within the county. With your help, the group aims to report on where these species are present and assess their overall abundance. Make your birding count!

County Durham is one of the best areas in the United Kingdom for Willow Tit, but we still do not have full knowledge of the numbers and distribution of the species in the county. Preparations for our survey are at an advanced stage and we hope to launch the fieldwork soon after the middle of January.


During the early part of the year, there will also be a survey attempting to locate Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and to establish whether the species still breeds in the county.


In addition, we intend to run a survey on competition between Collared Dove and Woodpigeon, particularly in the suburban areas which Woodpigeon is now colonising.


Please use the drop down menu on the 'Projects and Surveys' menu tab for details relating to the planned Willow Tit Survey and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Survey.


If you would like to receive information on surveys and how to participate by post please contact:

David Sowerbutts
9, Prebends Field
Gilesgate Moor
Durham DH1 1HH
(Tel.: 0191-386 7201)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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