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This landmark publication, the first comprehensive review of the birds of County Durham for sixty years, includes accounts of the 386 species recorded in the area from Tyne to Tees up to the end of 2011 as well as chapters on Durham geography – landscape, habitats, climate and birdlife, a short environmental history of the county, the study of birds in County Durham, a short history of Durham ornithology and the development of the Durham bird list. Publication was made possible with the aid of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Publications can be ordered from David Sowerbutts, 9 Prebends Field, Gilesgate Moor, Durham City, DH1 1HH.


Click here to download the price list/order form. Cheques - payable to Durham Bird Club - should be sent with the order form.

The Birds of Durham (edited by Keith Bowey and Mark Newsome)

vi, 1014 pages plus 64 pages of colour photographs; 56 black-and-white photographs and numerous line drawings in text. Hardback. ISBN: 978-1-874701-03-3. June 2012




A Summer Atlas of the Breeding Birds of County Durham (edited by Stephen Westerberg and Keith Bowey)

[4], iv, 187 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 978-1-874701-02-6. 2000




Based on fieldwork carried out for the B.T.O.’s 1989-92 atlas and on records produced by members of the Club and others, it contains over 180 pages of text, maps and illustrations, and provides a wealth of information on the status of birds in the county during the breeding season. Introductory chapters deal with habitat, geomorphology, weather and birdlife of the county.

Copies of the Annual Ornithological Reports - Birds in Durham and the Durham Bird Club magazine - The Lek can still be obtained (N.B. some issues are now sold out). Please contact David Sowerbutts to purchase a copy.

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