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Photo of the week - Durham Bird Club competetion

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Q:Can you submit multiple entires?

A: Yes, the competition runs from Monday to Sunday am, with the results posted on Sunday* pm. An overall winner will be chosen, along with several notable images.

Q: Do the photos have to be taken that week?

A: Preferably yes, as the seasons change - it would be great to see relatively recent photographs that reflect what avian species are currently visiting / are in the Durham area

Q: Are all photos submitted viewable on the website before the results?

A: No, Due to the membership verification process, it is not possible for all photos submitted to be featured on the DBC Website as part of this competition. However 12 images a week will be posted as part of the competition and archived in the "previous weeks" section.

Q: Is the competition open only to professional photographers?

A:  No, the competition is open all paid DBC members, regardless of ability, camera type or imaging equipment. In fact we encourage members of all abilities to submit, members should not be put off or intimidated by the image calibre of other potential submitters - the judging process takes many factors into consideration.

Entry requirements/conditions:

  • Entry is limited to active Durham Bird Club members with a verified membership (verification will take place after submission)

  • Please only submit bird images from the Durham region - images featuring eggs, or birds on or near a nest or captive birds will not be featured.

  • Acceptable image file formats are JPG and PNG - maximum file size for uploads is 10 MB.

  • Images that have been edited/processed (colour correction, sharpening and noise reduction, or of common 'cleaning' techniques such as removing twigs or blurring backgrounds) are acceptable, however we discorage the use of "photoshopping" and other image manipulation programs and techniques.

  • As a code of practice, while capturing images, we stronlgy advise not to temp birds with calls or food or facilitate any other actions which may distrub or alter their behaviour.
  • We reserve the right to reject or amend photographs (and their accompanying text) at our discretion and without notice.

  • Please be aware that photographs featured will appear online, along with the name of the photographer.

  • Before submitting, please be aware of our content standards, as outlined on the submission page

The Durham bird club "Photo of the week" is a new competition where paid members can submit photographs on a regular basis. Each week, one winning photo will be chosen by the committee to feature as the homepage cover. A Hawfinch (taken by Bob Howe) was the first photograph to win the first competition at the end of February 2023.


To submit your photograph, please click here


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