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Missing Harris Hawk

A member of the public has lost their Harris Hawk and requests that any sightings could be reported via their email account:

"MISSING! HELP!!! Much loved male Harris Hawk. Blanchland area. Blew away across moorland towards Stanhope but is likely to seek out a wooded valley. Possible sightings in Blanchland valley. This is on the Northumberland/County Durham border.

He has bells on, leather straps on his legs and a radio transmitter aerial on his tail. Unfortunately I cannot pick up any signal from it.

He is crow sized but with bigger wings and a long white tipped tail. He is NOT streaky and patchy like the buzzards and has a very distinctive WHITE rump.

He also has a tendency to shout hoarsely at strange dogs (and possibly strange horses) so if you hear something please look to see who is making the rude noises. Lost Thursday 1st Feb.

Please share. Thank you!

7/2/2018 ZULU IS STILL MISSING. Thought to be either in the Blanchland valley or between Rookhope and Eastgate. Both make sense and are based on potentially positive sightings. Please keep eyes and ears open! Thank you all so much"


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