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Request from the 'Northeast England Beached Bird Surveys Group'

The club received the following email from Dan Turner (Coordinator, Northeast England Beached Bird Surveys Group):

"Following the recent easterly winds off northeast England it has come to my attention that there are several beached bird corpses, including fulmars. I wish to store as many of the fulmar corpses as possible please. Therefore thought you may be able to prompt your members to collect any found – for the international northern fulmar project. If your members contact me – perhaps we can arrange a handover of any unfortunate fulmars.

I instigated the Northeast England Beached Bird Surveys Group in 2003, initially to participate in the ‘Save the North Sea’ fulmar project. In the past 15 years our NEBBS group has found almost 100 beached fulmar corpses suitable for laboratory analysis, plus many other things besides.

Please see our web page for some more detail: and check out the various links there."


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